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Could Morales get a fight with Marquez?


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I think JMM would be a massive favourite. I think Morales' performance also reflects Maidana's ability. Not taking anything away from Morales but an elite fighter would not allow a 140lb Morales to be competitive. JMM is still arguably in his prime and putting in impressive performances. He's a counter puncher master and Morales is nowhere near still in his prime. Credit to him for clawing back the years against Maidana but JMM counter punchers him all night.
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i think that jmm would slow down enough at 140lbs that a fight against morales would not only be competitive, it could be great. it would not be a showcase of two top fighters at their best in an awesome fight, but it would be a very good fight if morales comes on aggressively. jmm would be slow enough that morales could hit him, and jmm would be smart enough to fire back. the power involved would be low enough we could get two relative featherfists duking it out for twelve great rounds.

or the bout could be a dud.

overall, the fight would carry little meaning, but i'm ok with that as long as it's a showcase of great champs who never met in the ring before now

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