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Mundine, Woods scuffle at pre-fight meeting *Spoilers*


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Tensions ran high as Anthony Mundine and his conqueror Garth Woods were restrained from making an early start to Wednesday night's boxing rematch.


Riled after being called a dirty fighter by Mundine during Tuesday's pre-fight media conference, Wood gave into temptation when they stood eye to eye posing for photos at the weigh in and appeared to headbutt the chatty ex-NRL player.


Mundine held an angry Wood by the throat during a shoving match that only ended when support staff jumped in.


The pair exchanged taunts, prompting a shoving match between support staff.


When the dust settled, Mundine would not contemplate defeat on Wednesday night and was adamant he would be heading overseas to further his career afterwards.


Mundine suffered a shock, fifth-round knockout by Wood in their previous bout last December.


It was Wood's reward for winning the Australian version of The Contender boxing TV reality program in 2010.


He remains the only Australian to have beaten the 35-year-old Mundine.


Not that he got any respect from Mundine on Tuesday.


"I knew he was going to be dirty but I didn't think he was going to be that dirty," Mundine said of the first fight.


Wood interjected: "What's dirty?


"Muay Thai stuff, hitting me in the back of the head ... over 30 times - check the video.


"And you tried to knee me when I went down.


"This is boxing, it's not Muay Thai, it's not wrestling."


A smiling Wood leaned over at the press conference to look Mundine in the eye.


"Well I've got something special for you, it won't be dirty."




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Why does Mundine even bother?He seems to lack any ambition whatsoever.


He's right in this case to try and avenge the defeat imo.

And it made sense domestically to fight Woods first time around, given he was a household name courtesy of the contender.



He's done nothing on the world level for years though, and it's because he can't.

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I think Mundine is on his way out. He's no spring chicken and is a fighter that relies on reflexes. For me, he's visibly slowing down and his timing is not quite there anymore.

Simply put, he HAD to take the rematch with Woods. He had to avenge that defeat or no one would've took him seriously. I was interested to see what would happen in the rematch as Mundine looked very flat in the first fight and I wanted to see if this was down to him not taking Woods seriously or if it was a case of father time catching up to him. Well, he struggled again in the rematch. To me he just doesn't look the same fighter. Mundine at his best would've pissed over Garth Woods.

Shame really. The guy had so much talent but lacked any sort of ambition. He was happy to be a big fish in the small pond of Australian boxing.

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