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Video: Khoran Gevor attacks referee


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guys a screw loose


read an article and apparently he got DQ'd for an intentional headbutt in the 10th, him and Stieglitz were wrestling on the floor, then after the fight not only did he go for the ref but apparently he was swinging for a load of the handlers


Don't agree with the ref stuff, but if you go and watch it, you'll probably agree the headbutt was a clash of heads with both fighters at fault, and they ended up on the floor as a result of STIEGLITZ own momentum!

At least from the clips I've seen, I can understand his frustration at what would then be a very very poor DQ decision, but it doesn't justify hitting the ref ffs...

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I thought Gevors reaction to the situation was shameful, but on the other side of things, that ref needs tobe investigated for sure. What a sham of an ending. Has everyone watched it. Gevor IMHO did absolutely nothing wrong. If anything, it was Stieglitz that caused them to go to ground through holding, the head clash was a total accident. Bizzarre.
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