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Too Bad Amos Isn't Famous

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Who was the best heavyweight to come out of Ohio since the late 50's? Well of course James"Buster"Douglas, the original conqueror of Mike Tyson would be mentioned. Also the popular power punching two time title challenger Earnie Shavers. Mike Dokes and Tony Tubbs both held fragments of the heavyweight title.Ted Gullick was a pretty good banger and Mike Koranicki was a clever boxer.


One name that probably would not come up but deserves to be mentioned is rugged Amos Johnson.Big Amos fought professionally out of Medina, Ohio but had many bouts in the Akron area. He had a solid pro career but he really made his mark as a celebrated amateur.


All Amos did as a simon pure was defeat Cassius Clay at the 1959 Pan Am Games. The year before in Chicago he beat the great future light heavyweight champion, Bob Foster.


Amos turned pro in 1960 but it was not until he got out of the Army in 1963 that his career took off. He lost an important bout to slick Billy Joiner but rebounded to beat Willi Besmanoff and Jefferson Davis.


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/history/14232-too-bad-amos-isnt-famous.html#ixzz1J357nunS

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