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David Lemieux v Marco Antonio Rubio , R by R, (spoilers)


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Rubio TKO7 Lemieux!


woke up this morning and saw a friend from America had something about Rubio winning by TKO in the 7th


i knew Lemieux was fighting him but presumed i was just seeing things because i was half asleep until i Boxrec'd it, massive shock this!


i thought this was the fight where Lemieux was going to step up and really show his class, but maybe he's been exposed slighty now, not as good as all the hype around him suggests?


Pavlik battered Rubio into submission

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It's really not a big deal. The guy is class really. So he lost, big deal. He goes back to the drawing board and comes back to rematch Rubio. How does a guy succeed if he does not fail? It an important ingredient to winning and becoming a champion. He's only like 22!!!!

He shot his wad, wily vet weathered storm and came out with win. Good stoppage. I saw his feelings and pride hurt but that will serve as motivation. This is where real champions come into there own.

Not a big deal. Great showing!!! By both fighters. Commendable effort on Lemieux.

Hope to see him again soon.

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Just watched the fight just now.

I still don't know how Lemieux managed to lose that fight...

He was a joy to watch in the first 5 rounds - nice short sharp left, a powerful rangy right hook, good range of body punching, good footwork and head movement....he was getting throgh to Rubio with some huge punches.

It seemed like the damage was done in the 6th, because when he went back to his corner, his jaw was clearly swollen.

The punch that knocked him down in the 7th looked like it may have been an illegal blow because he skiffed the side of his ear and landed at the back of Lemieux' head. It was a strange one to finish the fight anyway. His legs were gone and he couldn't recover from it, and though the corner may have been a little premature, it was probably in David's best interests as there was still a way to go to survive the round.


I think to come back stronger, he needs to stick to what he's doing for the first 2 or 3 rounds, and once he's opened up a lead, he has to learn how to hold it and get the points win. It may take a little away from what is a great style to watch, but he could have had that fight in the bag if he boxed his way to a couple more rounds, and then he wouldn't have had to take any risks. (not that he had to in this fight anyway).

He needs to mix in with more body punches to tire opponents who are defensively strong, and it will also create openings for the devastating head shots he's capable of.


Like Edsel says, the guy is only 22, so he has time on his hands if he wants to come back, and I think if he can learn from this, he'll come back a lot better fighter.

Still gutted he lost, but it won't finish him.

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