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Q&A Robert Stieglitz


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Q&A Robert Stieglitz


Mr Stieglitz, a lot of boxers a bad reputation and are known as punchers – in and outside the ring. But you constantly have seen to be thoughtful and reserved. Are you more an academic boxer because you are a certificated sports teacher?


I’m not like the ones who talk trash or cause trouble inside the ring or during free time. Boxing to me is a very fair sport: two people meet inside the ring, fight under certain guidelines and rules and the stronger one will win.


Two of your role models are the Klitschko brothers Vitali and Wladimir, who repeatedly warn their opponents that ‘Talk is cheap!’ Is this also your motto?


These are golden words and absolutely correct. I really appraise the attitude of the Klitschkos, their manners and the way they act. Also inside the ring they are very fair sportsmen and you won’t see any nudges, low blows or rabbit punches.


The Klitschkos also proclaim that fights will be won with your mind and that you have to pressure your opponent mentally. How can you do this with legal and fair means?


If you don’t believe that you can beat your opponent you won’t do it. Only with a positive thinking you can win a fight. But you should also be aware never to show any weaknesses to your opponent. For example if you have already problems with weight machines during training you have to push the problems away. Your opponent should never witness your problems as he would take advantage of them.


Do you usually fight with your mind or your fists?


For sure I’m trying to fight with my mind but when the fight begins you turn into fighting mode and automatically switch your mind off. I’m doing the things the way I have always done them, it’s like a machine but in the meantime I have learned to adapt various things and control them.


Can you actually get a variety of tactical information’s back together in your mind during a fight?


It’s a training thing. I have been a professional boxer for ten years and I have adapted a lot of things very well during this time like to concentrate during the breaks and listen to the advices of my coach.


It sounds romantic when a boxer says after a big match up that the bigger heart of a fighter has won it. Can you explain what a heart of a fighter is?


It’s a question of your character. You’ve got a heart of a fighter if you never give up and continually fight and try everything to defeat your opponent. Even if you can feel that the other might be stronger.


Does a heart of a fighter run in the blood or can it be trained?


I don’t think that you it can be trained. The heart of a fighter is about characteristics and either you have them or not.


So when do you really have fun as a boxer?


When I’m successful and improving for example when I can feel and see that I have become faster and stronger. That gives me a good mood.


What is the biggest stimulus before a fight?


I would say the feeling of being a worthy world champion. The feeling that I deserve to have the belt and be called champion of the world.


Also the feeling to be the best?


Yes, that makes me proud.


How did you feel after your two defeats in world championship fights against Librado Andrade and Alejandro Berrio? Did you have any self doubts and the feeling that you aren’t as strong as you think you are?


Absolutely, but I knew after these two fights what I have done wrong and why I had lost them. As long as I have explanations about the mistakes I have made I know that I’m not done yet and I can continue to fight.


In your last fights you have showed impressive and spectacular performances inside the ring. The championship fight against Eduard Gutknecht last year was seen as the „Fight of the year“ in Germany. You have seen to be very confident and solid in your fights. Now you will face Khoren Gevor in your “living room,” the Bördelandhalle in Magdeburg, instead of the injured WBA champion Dimitri Sartison. How is the starting situation?


With this top class replacement Khoren Gevor I certainly have to make adjustments. Compared to Sartison he is a southpaw and I have only nine days to adapt the new situation. Additionally he has had three shots at a world title therefore he is experienced and dangerous. It’s all or nothing for him. He might be smaller than me but I have to be very careful and avoid the in fight. He should be forced to fight my fighting style. I know that I will handle this challenge and I want to thrill my fans in the arena and show them a great fight and defend my title successfully.




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