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Froch: ‘No way McCracken will quit my corner’


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Froch: ‘No way McCracken will quit my corner’

Posted on Apr 7, 2011


WBC super-middleweight champion Carl Froch says the decision to ban Great Britain performance director Robert McCracken from amateur events will not cause him to quit the Cobra’s corner.


McCracken will no longer be able to take part in AIBA-sanctioned events because of his links with professional boxing and Froch who has been with McCracken since turning pro in 2002 is confident the development will not disrupt their working relationship.


Speaking about the ban and the option of McCracken surrendering his professional licence to regain amateur status, Froch said, ‘There is no way he will do that.


‘It just means he cannot work the corner in championships and I don't think he will worry too much about that. All the hard work is done in the gym in Sheffield anyway.’


The Nottingham man is set to face Glen Johnson in the semi-final of the Showtime’s hit Super Six tournament in Atlantic City on June 4 and McCracken will be expected to be in his corner as usual.




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I think McCracken would be a fool to leave Froch. Coaching the amateurs in 2012 is a great honour and i'm sure he loves doing it. But, really, it's a short term job. I'm sure after the Olympics he will concentrate more on Froch especially considering Froch will have some mega fights coming up after the S6 tournament. His job with Froch is long term and worth millions to him.


If he DOES leave Froch then he's obviously not in boxing for the money which is a good thing. But, i think he'd be mad turning his back on Froch and the exciting journey that lays ahead.

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This is quite frankly an absolute shambles. And i'm not just saying this as some flag waving "can't wait for the Olympics in London" Brit.


What muppet must be in charge at the AIBA to decide to make a CRUCIAL change to the rules with just a matter of a year or so to go until the biggest event in amateur boxing? Why do they decide to change the rules NOW? Why not AFTER the Olympics? Why not 2 years ago?


Rules like this should be changed straight after an Olympics as to give countries as much chance as possible of putting together their best team for the next Olympics.


Had this rule come into effect in 2009, for example, the British team would never have decided to make a professional boxing coach their head coach. Now all the hard work he has done will have been in vain.


Here are some articles from Sky Sports:


The new rule:




McCracken must severe ties with the professional ranks to remain amateur coach:




In the first article, you will read this:


Despite McCracken's high-profile job with Froch, an AIBA spokesman insisted: "It is the case that we did not know that he was coaching a professional boxer until it was brought to our attention at the end of last year.


I know there are a lot of names on their databases and it is impossible to know everyone but they must be kidding, right? They didn't know who Rob McCracken was? He's one of the World's top trainers.


Maybe the average non-British boxing fan doesn't but they don't work for the AIBA.

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The Aiba today confirmed that the rule being enforced is not a new rule and has been in place for some time.


This after news yesterday sources inside the Aiba themselves said that it was infact a new rule


What does that tell you?


An AIBA spokesman confirmed it was not a new rule today on talksport, I actually spoke to a different guy within the AIBA about 20 mins before in my shop who said the same thing.

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