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Carlos Ortiz vs Esteban De Jesus

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How do they keep turning out such great fighters ? Jose Torres, Wilfredo

Gomez, Wilfred Benitez, Felix Trinidad and now Miguel Cotto. Puerto Rico has

put their stamp on the fistic map !


In the forty five years I’ve followed the great sport of boxing I’ve seen two

lightweights that were not only Puerto Rican standouts but in my opinion

among the greatest lightweights of all time.


I am speaking of former champions Carlos Ortiz and the late Esteban

DeJesus. Who would have won if these two fine fighting machines had met in

their primes ?


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/history/12997-carlos-ortiz-vs-esteban-de-jesuscarlos-ortiz-vs-esteban-de-jesus.html#ixzz1Idsm0Bch

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i know a lot of people have Carlos Ortiz down as the greatest fighter ever to come out of Puerto Rico, can't say i've seen much of him personally


as for DeJesus, all i know of him was the fights he had with Duran


i would of said from what i do know that Ortiz would of won, possibly by late stoppage

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