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Recent Eubank quotes on RJJ, Toney, Mayweather and more


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A recent interview in Dubai with Chris Eubank.


On Toney and Jones:


If it came down to two men of the same weight just throwing punches from the same stance, I would've always come out on top, I believe. And I include Roy Jones and James Toney in that.

It's all about The Godfather baby! When I put a man on his back, cut his face, damaged his rib, inflated an eye or organ - nothing personal, just business!


On Training:


From February 1983 to October 1995 I was training twice a day for 6 or 7 days a week - infact I never had a single day off training in that time.


Fighting a world championship contender every 6 or 7 weeks was never enough for me because I was always fit and needed to stay sharp.


I got myself used to fighting every 2 to 3 weeks before I became world champion - be it amateur fights, paid fights or gym fights.


On Steve Collins:


So Collins is saying he had 3 or 4 trainers by the time he fought me and that's why he bettered me? I had 9 trainers before I became world champion! Most of them before I left New York.


Maybe that's why I was a mansioned world champion for 20 fights before I outclassed and flattened a bedsitted Collins in Cork, a fight I deserved to win in my view despite the difficult circumstances.


Although I credit most of my technical knowledge of boxing to one trainer, that being Maximo Pierret.




My idol as a man was Nelson Mandela or Muhammad Ali, as a boxer it was Dennis Cruz who you would not have heard of - he was a gym fighter, he had perfect balance.


I admired greatly the jab of Thomas Hearns, but knew I could never have a jab like his because we had different body structures. Pernell Whitaker was poetry in the ring.


And Mike Tyson was one of the big inspirations, having known him when we were sixteen years old and thinking, 'I've been everywhere he's been - he's done it so why can't I?'


I used words of inspiration mostly, like: 'He's a man and he did it. I'm a man so why can't I do it?' Bob Marley I looked up to for his words - the lyrics were all about rectitude and strength of character.


On Mayweather and Pacquiao:


Mayweather, Mayweather, Mayweather. A boxer will always beat a fighter of the same league. As good as Pacquaio is - a fighter who can punch, is quick and knows the angles - it's Mayweather who is by far and away the boxer of the two.


Mayweather will get his jab working, get his reflexes working, and keep his body punching and combination punching at range. He even throws a left hook from out of range or as a counter punch, he won't lead with a left hook from in range.


There's little danger with Mayweather involved, of the fighter beating the boxer.

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I used to really dislike Eubank back when he was an active boxer, as did a lot of people, who probably watched him in the hope he was going to be beaten, but I do have to admit that he brought a character that is rarely seen in boxing, and made it big news. Love him or hate him, he was good for boxing, and was a damn good fighter in his day...

As for Toney and Jones Jr, I would have loved to see him tested against these guys.

His own boxer vs puncher notion would come into play there. Jones would have blown him away at his peak imo, although I think he could have had the beating of Toney, before he piled the beef on and went to too high a weight.

I won't bother commenting on the Mayweather vs Floyd stuff. It gets spoken about enough without ever seeming to get any closer. It gets less meaningful as every day passes anyway as they're both already past their respective peaks.

Let's hope it isn't one of the big ones that got away, like Eubank and Benn vs Toney and Jones Jr.

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