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The Brothers Morales - what fighting brethren of Erik think

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Hey all,


I interviewed the fighting brothers of Erik "El Terrible" Morales earlier today with the help of a translator and have written up a piece detailing their thoughts on his fight with Marcos Maidana among other things.


The two brothers in question are Diego Morales, a former WBO 115 lb. champion who retired in 2007 and younger 19-year old brother Ivan, who is 9-0 and will make his American debut on Erik's undercard on April 9th. Was an angle I hadn't seen covered anywhere so I hunted it down and put together a piece. Let me know what you guys think.





The Brothers Morales

Mark Ortega


On April 9th, the partisan crowd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada will get a glimpse at the past, present, and future of one of Mexico's most favored fighting families.


Headlining the HBO pay-per-view televised card will be elder statesman Erik “El Terrible” Morales [51-6, 35 KOs] who returns to the big fight limelight for the first time in four years as he takes on Argentina's Marcos Rene Maidana [29-2, 27 KOs], quite possibly the heaviest handed hitter south of the welterweight division.


Somewhere buried on the undercard is the future of the Morales family as younger brother Ivan, 19 years old and nicknamed “Terrible II”, fights for the first time in the United States against an opponent still to be determined. Ivan has fought most of his fights around the super flyweight limit of 115 pounds, compiling a 9-0 record with five knockouts, according to the young fighter. Boxrec has him listed at 8-0.


In the corner of the younger charge is brother Diego, who himself won a fringe world title at 115 pounds, the WBO version against Victor Godoi in 1999, at a point in time when the flashier Erik's career was blossoming on HBO airwaves.


Click here to read the rest...

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No problem, Mark. Nice article, I was aware of Deigo, but this is the first I've heard of 19 year old Ivan, can't wait to see how he develops.


P.S. George got a thrill out of your mentioning his translating at the end of the article, that was nice!

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I knew only of Ivan because of a few appearances he had on a Spanish channel my brother gets as part of a package called 52MX. He hasn't been tested at all but I like what I have seen in limited action from him. Will be ringside in Vegas so I will be happy to see what he has in person.


George did a tremendous job translating for me. Unfortunately I am a disgrace to my last name and can't speak better than high school Spanish. Any future opportunities I get to interview a Spanish speaking fighter I would love to use him in that regard again. He was on the phone for maybe 45 minutes while I asked some very precise questions and he was able to draw out the answers I was looking for. Very lucky.

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