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Danny Green gets called out


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New Zealand boxer Shane Cameron's camp is asking questions about why the cruiserweight hasn't been given the opportunity to fight IBF World Champion Danny Green.


Green has battled back from career-threatening surgery to remove an abscess the size of a softball in January. The ordeal saw him shed 12 kilograms.


"Unless something radical happens I'm back," the Australian told reporters last week.


However, Green didn't mention Cameron when asked who his next opponent might be, telling reporters he had spoken to some prominent European fighters and was close to securing opponent.


It is also understood former light-heavyweight World Champion Antonio Tarver is an option.


However Cameron's trainer Barry Michael, one of the biggest names in Australian boxing himself, said fighting Cameron would be a far better option for the three-time World Champion.


"I've been a promoter for over 30 years and I really believe what the Cameron camp has offered Danny Green is a far better offer than what he could possibly do fighting Antonio Tarver in Australia," Michael told ONE News.


"They're going to bring out a guy out of retirement who's 42 years of age. I can't see it being credible to be honest."



Cameron shed 15 kilograms to drop to the cruiserweight class after 2009's embarrassing loss to David Tua with an eye on challenging Green for the title.


Since then he's beaten title contenders Daniel Ammann and Anthony McCracken in unanimous points decisions.


"You've got to remember he was the one that came to us originally, when we were heavyweight to see if we were interested in dropping down to cruiserweight," Cameron told ONE News.


"I've done that, I've done everything they've asked. I've beaten the best cruiserweights in Australia, two of them below Danny Green. So what more do I have to do?"


"The Green Machine they call him, more like Danny Yellow. The Yellow Submarine, ducking and diving trying to get away from me."


Green is expected to announce his next opponent in the coming weeks.

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