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21 year old KO prospect getting thrown in with Ponce


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Adrien Broner aka The Problem is undefeated in 19 fights with 16 ko's, he's been smashing through his opposition including William Kickett.


At the Honda Center, Anaheim, California he will face the formidable, experienced, banger Daniel Ponce Deleon who is 41-2 with 34 Ko's this weekend.


Is Broner that good to be getting matched so tough or are his handlers cashing him in for the payday?

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I say go for it. Lets see if he is made out for the sport? Test his (prospects) mettle early.

Please anyone elaborate; how damaging, if at all, is it for a prospects career if he put up against stiff opp (opposition) like with Broner?


Ortiz I think was not thrown to dogs. It was time for him to be put in with stiff opp. What you ride him and carefully take care of him to what, let down the fans.

Andre Berto anyone?


I loved the fight with Collazo (where'd he go) but no rematch. The guys need to face stiff opp and learn how to deal with adversity early on.


Or you could follow Teddy Atlas's plan and completely take your fighter out of a championship fight and do nothing.


I do understand that Povetkin was going in to the lion's Den and Wlad could of handed him a demoralizing beat down but if you can't recover then you are not championship material.


But what do I know. I'm just very opinionated and love seeing people box

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I believe at the lower weights, the benchmark is Fernando Vargas - a very promising talent matched too hard too early and basically worn into the groun.


The problem with rushing a fighter's career is you get them to elite level and it';s very difficult to throw that into reverse if it goes wrong - Morales is a living legend but look at how early his career was over purely because of his machismo.


Similarly, look at Lacy - already a world champion but never really tested before the Calzaghe fight. Calzaghe put such a beating on the Florida man that he never recovered, psychologically or physically.

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i dont think ortiz was rushed i just think golden boy grossly miscalculated maidana. lets not forget, ortiz was on the verge of being matched with kotelnik before khan scooped him up instead, so golden boy settled for second choice and im not sure they did their due diligence researching maidana. also lets not forget ortiz was winning on the scorecards when he quit (if im not mistaken). they also seemed to miscalculate pirog for danny jacobs. both cases also had a bit of falling victim to one's own hype.


broner... yeah its a pretty big step up. ponce is on a 7 fight win streak against better competition than broner has ever faced. so he may be being rushed.


for us fans, its better seeing fighters rushed than watching bum after bum

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Broner should win imo. Ponce is too crude and too slow to catch Broner, not only is Broner bigger but Ponce's punch seems to not have been having the effect it once had, 3 of his last 6 have gone the distance including:

Marlon Aguilar-stopped 3 times previous and 1 since

Cornelius Lock-Stopped 3 times previous and in his only fight since

Roinet Caballero-stopped 6 times previous

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