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All fights are in the download section!

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Evander Holyfield vs Michael Dokes (fight of the decade)

Evander Holyfieldvs Bert Cooper-SLUGFEST

Evander Holyfield vs George Foreman

Evander Holyfield vs Alex Stewart I-Blood and slugfest

Michael Moorer vs Bert Cooper-5 rounds, 5 knockdowns 3 to-2

Michael Moorer vs Alex Stewart-4 round Slugfest

Mike Tyson vs Razor Ruddock I

Michael Nunn vs Sumbu Kalambay-Brutal 1 punch KO

Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier 1

Chris Eubank vs Carl Thompson I, II

Chris Eubank vs Nigel Benn I

James Toney vs Michael Nunn

Nigel Benn vs Michael Watson

Ray Mercer vs Bert Cooper-SLUGFEST

Gabby Canaziles vs Miquel Happy Lora- UNREAL ROUND 2

Julio Caesar Chavez vs Frankie Randall I

Prince Charles Williams vs Merqui Sosa I,II

The Black Rhino vs Lawrence Clay-Bey

Felix Trinidad vs Fernando Vargas

Eric Morales vs Marco Antonio Baerra

Julio Caesar Chavez vs Meldrick Taylor I

Simon Brown vs Maurice Blocker

Troy Dorsey vs Kevin Kelley-over 2,000 punches thrown!!!!

Azumah Nelson vs Jeff Fenech I

Kennedy McKinney vs Junior Jones

Jorge Paez vs Tracy Spann-10 round SLUGFEST

Charles Brewer vs Antwan Echols

Riddick Bowe vs Andrew Golota 1,2

Prince Naseem Hamed vs Kevin Kelley

Anthony Hembrick vs Booker T Word

Tyrone Trice vs Ron Collins

Mathew Hilton vs Buster Drayton

Iran Barkley vs Roberto Duran

Iran Barkley vs Michael Olijides-each fighter tastes the canvas

Iran Barkley vs Thomas Hearns-come from behind KO

Sugar Ray Leonard vs Donny LaLonde

Hassim Rahman vs Corrie Sanders

James Butler vs Richard Grant-ESPN2 Sucker Punch fight


Pernell Whitaker vs Diobelys Hurtado-hurtado dominates until getting crushed in the 11th

Kostya Tszyu vs Diobeleys Hurtado-3 knockdowns in the first round! each guy goes down

Fredie Pendleton vs Rafael Ruelas-overlooked classic battle

Mark Breland vs Aaron "Superman" Davis- great fight, great KO

Arturo Gatti vs Micky Ward-Fight of year 2002

Dorin vs Balbi -runner up fight of the year to gatti vs ward 1

Panchito Bojado vs Juan Carlos Rubio-undefeated Bojado takes a beating

Arturo Gatti vs Ivan Robinson I,II- classic Gatti, first one fight of year 1998

Mrvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns- 3 round fight of century

Razor Ruddock vs Bonecrusher Smith- both guys taste canvas, big heavyweight bombers

Razor Ruddock vs Tommy Morrison- 2 big bombers, lots of knockdowns and unbelievable knockdown by Morrison

Julian Letterlough vs Julio Gonzalez- lots of knockdowns

Micky Ward vs Emanuel Burton- 2001 fight of year

Micky Ward vs Reggie Green

Mathew Hilton vs Buster Drayton

Julian Jackson vs Thomas Tate

Julian Jackson vs Ron Collins

Andrew Golota vs Michael Grant-Golota pounds Grant for 9 rounds and 2 knockdowns, to get cracked with huge punches and quits in the 10th round

Black Rhino vs Frans Botha-great slugfest

Elvir Muriai vs Sam Ahmad -4 rounds 8 knockdowns!!

Charles Brewer vs Scott Pemberton -both guys rock each other

Tony "The Tiger" Lopez W12 Rocky Lockridge I (Runner up fight of year 1989)

Simon Brown TKO14 Tyrone Trice I (great fight for vacant IBF 147 title)

James "Hardrock" Green vs Frank "The Animal" Fletcher-Classic Brawl on free tv in the 80's

Andrey Tsunkan W10 Kuvavych Toygonbayev - GREAT SLUGFEST on Show Box

James Toney W12 Vasilli Jirov- This Will be fight of YEAR 2003!!

Arturo Gatti W10 Micky Ward III- Ok, maybe Toney-Jirov WONT be fight of the year 2003 haha

Lennex Lewis TKO6 Vitali Klitschko -GIANTS SLUG it OUT

Salvador Sanchez KO8 Wilfredo Gomez -Mexico vs Puerto Rico!

Wilfredo Gomez KO13 Lupe Pintor-come from behind KO

Acelino Freitas KO12 Jorge Barrios-UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Teddy Reid KO4 Elio Ortiz-LOTS OF KNOCKDOWNS!

Juan Lazcano TKO10 Stevie Johnston

Michael Brodie D12 In-Jin Chi -WBC 126 Title (Brutal)

Steve Murry vs Michael Watson (Nice Scrap)

Kendall Holt KO1 Gilberto Reyes (BRUTAL KO)

Brian Minto KO10 Vincent Maddalone (2004)

Edner Cherry "Bomb" vs Antonio Ramierez

Mike Tyson KOby4 Danny Williams

Diego Corrales TKO10 Acelino Freitas

Jeff Harding TKO12 Dennis Andries I (1989) WBC 175

Diego Corrales TKO10 Jose Luis Castillo- ALL TIME CLASSIC! (2005)

Ricky Hatton TKO11 Kostya Tszyu- good BRAWL (2005)

Erik Morales W12 Manny Pacquiao- Great fight (2005)

Jorge Arce TKO10 Hussein Hussein-Bloody Slugfest! (2005)

Bob Foster KO14 Chris Finnegan- (1972 fight of the year)

Frankie Duarte TKO10 Alberto Davila- NABF Bantamweight Title (1988)7)

Daniel Edouard TKO4 Willie Gibbs-USBA Middleweight Title (2004)

Caveman Lee KO5 John LoCicero (1981)

Alan Green KO1 Jaidon Codrington (2005)

Carlos Santos W15 Mark Medal- IBF 154 (Fight of year 1984)

Somsak Sithchatchawal TKO10 vs Mahyar Monshipour- WBA Super Bantamweight Title (2006)

Jamie Moore KO10 Matthew Macklin- British Light Middleweight Title (2006)

Vicente Mosquera W12 Yodsanan Sor Nanthachai- WBA Super Featherweight Title (2005)

Michael Katsidis TKO6 Graham Earl- WBO Lightweight Title (2007)

Edwin Valero TKO10 Vicente Mosquera- WBA Super Featherweight Title (2006)

Vinny Maddalone TKO5 Shannon Miller (2005)

Darroll Wilson TKO4 Courage Tshabalala (1997)

Willie Gibbs TKOby5 Daniel Edouard- USBA Middleweight Title (2004)

Muangchai Kittikasem TKO12 Jung Koo Chang- WBC Flyweight Title (1991)

(Kittikasem down 3 times / Chang is caught as he goes for the finish in the final round)

Arthur Abraham W12 Edison Miranda- IBF Middleweight Title (2006)

Julian Letterlough TKO7 Demetrius Jenkins (2000) (Letterlough down twice)

Paulie Ayala D12 Bones Adams I- IBO Super Bantamweight Title (2001)

Ezra Sellers KO4 Carl Thompson- IBO Cruiserweight Title (6 knockdowns!) (2001)

Johnny Tapia L12 Paulie Ayala I- WBO Bantamweight Title (1999)

Jaidon Codrington TKOby8 Sakio Biaka (2007)

Jason Litzau W10 John Nolasco (2005)

Vinny Maddalone TKO5 Shannon Miller (2005)

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Acelino Frietas vs Jorge Barrios...

I watched up until the 5th round..., All you can hear is hard thumping throughout!

They were trying to knock each others heads off early.

It seems to settle in the middle of the 5th.

Great action. Each fighter was giving and taking Serious blows!!!

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