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Join the campaign to get Casey's fight on RTE


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This is disgracefull. This is Irelands biggest fight since Bernard Dunne got knocked on his ass and RTE are refusing to televise it. They're claiming they won't have the money to broadcast yet they broadcast any old stupid s**** every day of the week. They broadcast the Euro amateur boxing finals yet not a world title fight? They run a boxing show once a month yet not a world title fight? They hang onto Andy Lee's nuts for all the bums he fights, they made Dunne seem like Muhammad Ali when he fought yet now all of a sudden they don't have the money to show a title fight even though they're getting it for free? The whole country will watch this fucking fight this makes no fucking sense, it isn't justifiable. This makes less sense then when they decided to broadcast Bernard Dunne's title win on the same night Ireland won the Six nations.


Oh wait he's a traveller, it makes perfect sense now.


Look if you're Irish (or aren't) please email the following address requesting for the fight to be shown. Approach them as you wish but I for one am going to accuse them of racism. Emailing could work. It isn't a very active complaint line here if we get enough people to request it they're bound to notice.



edit: I am under no dillusions that Casey has anything more than a puncher's chance in this fight.


Copied from Croz on Sherdog but it's somethign we should all get behind!

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Sent a mass email to all Budweiser members


Join the campaign to get Casey's fight on RTE


One of the biggest fights in years in Ireland between Cuban star Rigondeax and 'Big Bang' Willie Casey for the World title won't be on TV or a free stream for UK viewers.




Join the campaign to get this fight shown live.



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This is a mess of a situation. Espn are showing this in the US yet RTE have blown their budget on pure dirt. The RTE studios are around the corner from the fight venue so that lowers broadcasting costs. Also the promoters have realised just how farcically broke RTE is so have offered the rights of the fight for nothing. Surely they would generate a large amount of revenue through ads, as this fight would pull figures of at least 500k and if it was advertised properly it would have done even more. Perhaps 1/4 of the country would have tuned in. Its pretty embarrassing and a sign of just how broke the country actually is. This is third world stuff. Luckily I have a ticket so will be seeing it first hand but I'm gutted for Casey and the lads who have provided a really top night of boxing. I even have a problem with Dolphil here to, the promotion of the fight and media coverage has been a joke. They are keeping it from the mass public and gambling on six thousand people deciding to go. I read alot of papers and listen to alot of radio, in particular a quality station like Newstalk that have top class sports coverage. Why isnt this being utilised to advertise? A media campaign such as this would be relatively cheap and would hit the correct audience and whip up a frenzy. Casey is a charming person, a person who has made something out of nothing, nobody can produce any good reason not to like him. The travelling community bring nothing but negativity on themselves but people like Willie are a shining light for them. The man is a pure gent and is not getting his dues possibly because of his background. Its a shame.


To make matters worse. I am pretty sure this could be a guise for the real reason, a more sinister reason. RTE has a deal in place with Brian Peters Promotions and I would not be a bit surprised if he is threatening legal action if this is shown on RTE. He is struggling to get big shows on and with his current crop of fighters falling behind Dolphils fighters like Casey he can probably see the sands shifting and is putting the boot in to keep thei shows from the mainstream. Disgraceful stuff from everyone involved and a sign of just how rotten things are over here these days. A real sign of a moment in time.

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