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A Rule That The Referee Did not Even No


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Back in the late 60s i attended a boxing show in Slough,top of the bill was Ricky Beumomt v Steve Holsworth.Steve Holsworth is now a comentater on Euro Sport,which he has been doing for a few years now.Seeing Steve's dad was the promoter of the show,im not surprised the fight was made top of the bill.I remember it was the worst attended show i have ever attended with only about 20 people in attendance.

Well Steve lost against Ricky Beumont on points over 6 rounds,but took quite a beating from the hard punching Ricky Beumont.When the final bell rang the referee Sid Naptham instantly raised Beumonts hand in victory.Sitting there watching the boxers i noticed when Steve took his gloves off,he was not wearing any handwraps.Which somewhat amazed me as the wraps do protect the hands of the boxers,and wondered if it was a breach of the rule's.

Speaking to Sid Naptham at ringside i pointed out my observation about Steve wearing no hand wrap's.And Sid's reply surprised me he said im not sure i will have to check up on this,Sid was a 5star referee and he did not no.I also spoke to Steve Holsworth and asked him why he did not wear handwraps and he said he thought he could punch harder without them.After all the years i am still not clear on what the ruling is on this matter,they are allowed a certain length of wraps but do they have to use them ?.

Over the years i got to no Steve very well meeting him on many occasions at different boxing events.When i told Steve i was at the fight he had with Ricky Beumont,Steve said how did i do.With a grin on my face i said Steve he beat the crap out of you,Steve laughed and said jesus it most have been worse than i remember.Steve is a nice guy and is great fun to be around,and puts a lot back into the fight game.

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