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Toney vs Reed Report *Spoilers*


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James Toney Decisions Damon Reed Over Ten Rounds


By Mark Vester


At the San Manuel Indian Casino in San Bernardino, California, former three division champion James Toney (73-6, 44KOs) made his return to boxing with a one-sided ten round decision over Damon Reed (45-15, 32KOs). All three judges scored it 100-90. According to ringside observers, the fight was boring and Toney, who weighed 257-pounds at the weigh-in, was very out of shape and worked at a very slow pace. He was barely putting punches together and did his best work to the body.


There were also two minor upsets on the card.


Enrique Lobatos (2-2-1) stopped the professional debut of Granson Clark in the second round (0-1) with a left hook to the body that sent Clark down for the full count.


Alfredo Rivera (1-7) picked up his first win as a pro. He stopped the unbeaten run of junior welterweight Angel Estrada (5-1, 2 KOs). Rivera took a four round majority decision with scores of 39-37, 39-37 and 38-38.




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Oh dear.


Luckily, I live on Earth Two, where James Toney retired after losing to Samuel Peter the first time (as did Holyfield after he lost the Lewis rematch), therefore their legacies aren't tarnished at all & I can sleep at night.


I sometimes pity the inhabitants of Earth One, when I receive reports from your bizarro dimension where old fat blokes can't seem to let it go.


BTW, stupid Marvel-comic jokes aside, is that the same Damon Reed who once got done by Herbie Hide? {goes to have a look}


Bloody Hell. It is!

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