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Rios Further Motivated as The Underdog against Acosta


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Rios Further Motivated as The Underdog With Acosta


By Ryan Burton


In September, unbeaten Brandon Rios was an underdog when he stepped in the ring versus Anthony Peterson. The fight started out close but quickly became one-sided. Peterson ended up being disqualified because of repeated low blows in a fight that he appeared to be well on his way to losing.


When Rios steps in the ring again on Saturday he will be the underdog again in the eyes of many boxing insiders. Many insiders feel that this fight will resemble WBA lightweight champion Miguel Acosta's TKO victory over Urbano Antillon because of the similarities of Rios and Antillon's styles. Rios doesn't disagree in that his style is similar is Antillon but, he does feel there is one key difference.


"We are similar in that we both come forward. He sticks his head down when he goes in though. I don't do that. If he (Acosta) thinks he is going to catch me with that uppercut then he is in for a surprise,' Rios told BoxingScene.


Rios also said the underdog role does fuel him.


"You could say it adds fuel to the fire. People said Peterson was going to beat me. He talked a lot of stuff too and look what happened. Being the underdog is cool with me."


Rios feels that Humberto Soto is going to win his rematch with Antillon and while he would like a fight with Soto he doesn't think it will happen.


"Soto is going to duck me again. After the Antillon fight he said he needed a break and couldn't fight me on February 26th and I see now that he is fighting on March 5th. What is that? I want to fight him but I don't really see that happening." Rios finished by saying that if he can't get Soto, or the potential promotional free agent Juan Manuel Marquez, then he is going to look to make a move to the talent laden junior welterweight division.




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