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Marquez, Nacho Trade Words With Sulaiman Over Canelo


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Marquez, Nacho Trade Words With Sulaiman Over Canelo


By Hesiquio Balderas



During a televised show that aired in México, a mock trial was held, which involved several Mexican boxing personalities. World Champion Ana Maria Torres, Juan Manuel Marquez, TV commentator Alfonso Morales were the judges, trainer Nacho Beristain was the prosecutor, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya were witnesses and WBC president Jose Sulaiman was the accused. Even the great Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. made a phone call to the show, and things got very heated during the program.


The issue being debated was whether or not Alvarez deserved a shot at the vacant WBC 154-pound title. Alvarez faces Matthew on March 5 for the vacant belt.


Juan Manuel, the current lightweight champion of the world, gave his arguments and said that he was in total shock when he found out that Canelo and Hatton were fighting for the WBC belt.


"That really sucks, I am speaking as a fighter and for the fighters that are ranked. They work very hard to get in the rankins and all of a sudden this kid is the number one contender because he has the silver belt? Come on, what about Perro Angulo, What about the English guy who is ranked number 4? What about Vanes, and now you give him Hatton who isn´t even ranked in the super welterweight division. It took me a lot of years to get a title shot that is why I am speaking as a fighter"


Beristain also had some hard words for Sulaiman - This is total BS. Sulaiman owns the WBC everyone knows that and I am happy to get this oportunity to say this to his face. Why don´t you help Angulo get a visa, when you have done it in the past for many fighters. You have the power to do it, this is ridiculous. This kid Canelo has talent but he is too green to get a title shot. He hasn´t beaten any contenders yet and Hatton? what has he done? Nothing at all. He is not even a decent fighter´´


Ana Maria Torres had her point of view as well - "I know inside the mexican boxing community, everyone thinks of this as a joke. Many fighters may not come up and say it, but it is true. I personally think he doesn´t deserve the title shot. He hasn´t fought any major oponents yet. Why a title shot? Canelo is a good prospect but he has done nothing yet. I totally agree with Juan and Nacho. The kid didn´t face any oponents in the rankings to become number one, and even worse Hatton hasn´t even fought at this weight class, so I think the people know about this and you can not fool them anymore"


Sulaiman basically explained the situation that most of us know and he said the request for the vacant shot came from the promoter Oscar De La Hoya. he said the other contenders were not avaliable and the members of the WBC voted for Hatton, who is ranked number 6 as a welterweight, to gain the ability to face Alvarez for thet belt in accordance to the WBC rules.


"That is what is going on. We go by the rules and that is what the members of voted for. It is not my decision but the decision of the board of the WBC. I am dissapointed that Marquez is not by the fighter's side. I am always on the fighter's side, and we want to give Canelo a chance because he is number one. The public wants it and I think Marquez is a jealous person who envies Canelo´s popularity. Juan Manuel I am surprised that you are acting this way."


Marquez interrupted Sulaiman and said - "I don´t envy anyone because I am on my way out. I am a current champion who takes on anyone, and I'm a champion in three weight classes. What can I be jealous of?"


By this time the argument was really heavy, Nacho told Sulaiman that he was a joke and Marquez said that many fans agree that Canelo and Hatton didn´t deserve the fight.


Oscar De La Hoya said a few words.


"Don´t get me wrong. I am just listening and I think the WBC has done the right thing by giving Canelo and Mathew the title shot. They deserve the fight. Hatton is not a pushover, he is a tough fighter. He comes to fight and punches hard. We are acting like if Canelo is already the winner and lets remember one thing I fought against the Matthew Hatton´s of the world, and so did you Juan Manuel. For example I fought against Shane Mosley who nobody knew about and he beat me. Juan Manuel, you fought against Chris John and you lost, so this is who Mathew Hatton is. He could be like Mosley and John."


A very important opinion was needed and that came Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., who made a phone call to the show and said ´´I think Canelo has the talent, the skills, the power and he is on his way up, but i truly believe and I always say things the way I think - is at the moment you guys at Televisa have created a monster by way of publicity. He is just a product of TV and that hurts the fighter, and you make people believe that he is superman and he is not. He is a good fighter who will reach his potential but he is too young now to proclaim, as Televisa does, that he is the biggest thing on earth´´


Regarding a fight with his son Julio and Canelo, Chavez said "My son really wants the fight and if the promoters agree and come to terms we can have that fight soon."


In conclusion Sulaiman was found guilty of providing Canelo Alvarez and Mathew Hatton with what the judges felt was an gift title shot. Marquez voted guilty, Ana Maria Torres voted guilty and Alfonso Morales said Sulaiman was innocent.


Nacho ended by saying to Don Jose - "You gave this kid the first gift with many more to come. That is the way of the WBC. Oscar, I know that you are now a promoter and I like you and know you very well, and if I were you I would do the same thing as a promoter and that is support Sulaiman," concluded Nacho in a sarcastic tone.



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interesting stuff.


i have to agree with nacho and JMM. the title shot is BS. its not like its unexpected though, the WBC has always been dirty -- just one of many ridiculous decisions. cant really blame oscar for sticking up for his fighter though.


wish they had this kind of debate on american TV... we havent even had BK in the friday night fights studio for the last few weeks :(

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It's nice to know that the immense corruption that goes on doesn't go unnoticed, & indeed gets picked up & commented on in public by public figures. Though perhaps this is merely an indication of Alvarez's immense popularity that this kind of thing happens on TV: after all, I met a young Mexican lady the other night, mentioned that I liked boxing, & she immediately started talking about Canelo. I was shocked. She didn't know who Barrera or Marquez or Morales were, but knew Alvarez by name & said she'd watched all his fights.


BTW: my immense man-crush on JMM only gets deeper & deeper. & weirder & weirder, natch.


Also, big up for JCC Sr for saying that. I know he's had his problems, but I'd buy a used car off the man any day:-



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