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Montiel v Donaire RBR/Spoilers


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JSK chases through the 12th needing a KO though seems to be chasing an unlikely money punch. Again he wears a crimson mask through much of the round.


Jones lives upto his billing as a top prospects, JSK lives upto his hard man, never say die, brave man.

110-118 type score for Jones in my book.


JSK v pretty much any stand and trade brawler would be fun

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By Lee Skavydis


Nonito Donaire became the new WBC and WBO bantamweight champion with a second round knockout win over Fernando Montiel.


Montiel came to the ring looking very sure of himself, while Nonito looked focused.


Both fighters started cautiously in round 1, but Donaire caught Montiel with a left early, followed with a right moments later. Overall, however, there was very little action, but Montiel did not hit Donaire with anything of note, and Donaire was the clear winner of the round.


Round 2 was the lottery round for Donaire. He scored clean shots on Montiel until he managed to land a counter right hook that sent the Mexican, residing in Sinaloa, down to the canvas and on his back. His legs immediately turned to jelly, and it was obvious to see straight away that the end was very near. However, much to the amazement of most, Montiel found his way back up, and in time of referee, Russell Mora's count. Mora let Montiel continue, and Donaire rained down two shots on him. Montiel was, at this point, trying to defend himself against the ropes, and Mora finally waved it off.


"I predicted a 2nd round knockout. I wanted to see how his body and head were. I can see where it was going to happen and where it was going to be at." Said Donaire.


When asked if he cared about being second best to Manny Pacquiao in the Pound for Pound rankings, Donaire said: "I don't mind being number 2. I'm happy with that."


Alhough this was a fight that many hardcore fans were looking forward to tonight, it is always a harsh reminder of how quickly things can end when a big punch lands that leaves no doubt as to who belongs in a higher class. Nonito Donaire showed just who is the number one of the bantamweight division, and certainly made a major statement tonight!

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Mora made a balls up (glad you remembered the name Lee I fecking didn't >_


Hopefully they'll only offer big bucks IF it's a good fighter. Don't let Nonito become another Berto offered big bucks for fighting nobodies. If he fights the Bantamweight fab 4 thingy, winner, then yes offer big money, if he fights someone like Jamie McDonnell (#8 ranked WBC) don't offer big money.

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donaire is a killer, just as good as the darchinyan KO. now he has earned his P4P spot.


The keyword for me is "now", though he needs to keep this level of opposition. He's skilled but cannot go back to the Hernan Marquez's or Rafael Concepcions of the world.


yup, i agree. it would be a shame to go back to that. if hes staying at 118 then hes gotta fight the winner of agbeko-mares.


i see a mega $$$ deal by HBO for donaire


at least $1m a fight for donaire now , well thats what id be asking if im donaires manager


very doubtful he gets $1m for his next fight, he only got $350,000 for this fight.

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