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Marquez Speaks, Nacho Listens: No Maidana-Beristain Team


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Juan Manuel Marquez reportedly pulled a power play according to BoxingScene.com, forcing trainer Ignacio "Nacho" Beristain to pull the plug on a new professional relationship with Argentinean slugger Marcos Maidana before a camp could even get underway. Maidana is scheduled to face Erik Morales on April 9, and had decided to go with Beristain as a new lead trainer. Now that's not going to happen.


The reported story from the Marquez side is that he didn't want his trainer working with Maidana, as it could potentially block or complicate a future fight between the two fighters. Maidana is not pleased, of course:


"It seems that Marquez is jealous and scared of the possibility of facing me some day. Nacho didn't even bother to talk to me. He only did it with my advisor. He just left us abandoned. Why did he make us travel to Mexico? Not very pro from Nacho, right?"


Maidana says his new lead trainer will be another Mexican, Rudy Perez. Perez was the longtime trainer of Marco Antonio Barrera and has faced Morales in the past, so he'll have a good idea of a fight plan already. Considering the fact that most fans and pundits are expecting a courageous wipeout, so to speak, the issue of who trains Maidana for this fight probably isn't the biggest deal, but obviously Maidana sought out Beristain for a reason, and to have the rug pulled from under him just like that must sting. Who knows? Maybe this makes Marquez-Maidana more likely if and when Maidana gets past Morales.



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