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Utterly pointless facts about US Heavyweight World champions


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Since James J Jeffries to Shannon Briggs


Their average Height is 6 foot 2 (Mode and mean give exactly 74inches whilst a mean average gives 73.65")


Their average reach is 78" (Mean is 77.53" Mode and Median are both 78)


More US HW champions were born in 1958 than any other year (4) with 2 in each of the following years:








Most champions first win the title aged between 24 and 28 with the mean being 27.56.

9 fighters were 24 when they won a title 9 were also 28 and 8 were 29


Fighters winning the title weight between 210 (the Median) and 226 (the mode) with 212.24 being the mean


Generally fighters lose their titles aged around 30 (30 is the median, 29 the mode and 30.32 the mean)


Fighters generally put weight on when they lose the title, however the mode gives an odd 201lbs (the mean is 219.46lbs and the median is 222lbs


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