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Which fighters have been trained by the mayweathers?


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Mayweather to train Sam Peter I've heard and also Vargas.


Fernando Vargas Returns! Trained By Mayweather

By George Cotton Jr


For quite sometime there has been talk about a comeback.... now its a done deal. After a three-year hiatus, former world champion Fernando Vargas will return to the boxing ring in 2011.Vargas, 33, announced Friday he'll face super middleweight Henry Buchanan on April 16 at Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. It will be his first fight since suffering a majority decision loss to Ricardo Mayorga in November 2007.


"I took three years off and I'm still young. I'm excited about fighting again and I know I can win another world title."


Vargas has hinted at a comeback before, but says it became a real goal eight months ago when he moved out of his long-time home in Southern California to Las Vegas to train under Floyd Mayweather Sr. "Vargas is serious and he is putting in the work to win another title. He has the skills, now its a matter of putting everything together", said Mayweather Sr.


Vargas has also shed a ton of weight and admits that he struggled to make weight for years throughout his title reign at Jr. Middleweight. Fighting at 168lbs will be much easier to Vargas.


According to Vargas, problems with managing his weight were actually a major factor in his decision to leave the sport. Although he fought the majority of his career at 154 pounds, he said that getting there each time took a huge toll on his body.


"I was tired of these guys never fighting me unless it was at 154," Vargas said. "Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley -- none of them would fight me if it wasn't at 154. I was always crunching down my body and not eating."


Vargas (26-5, 22 KO) will look to stop Buchanan (20-2, 13 KO) who went the distance with current Super Middleweight Champion Andre Ward back in 2009. Interesting to see how Vargas' comeback goes....


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ahh. well thats hardly scandalous.


never claimed it to be scandalous, but it's funny that Mayweathers have links to 2 recreational drug users and Guzman...yet want to make unfounded claims about Pacquiao >_>


i see where you're going with it


as far as fighters trained by the mayweathers, i think all the world champions have been named. as for non champions: forbes and ouali.


if we add in jeff mayweather, then there is caballero and ibragamov

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