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Ariza Drops Bombshell: Amir Khan Planned The Theft!

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By Mark Vester


Strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza dropped a bombshell during his recent interview with BoxingScene.com's Ernest Gabion. For the last two weeks, Ariza has been trading words with members of Team Khan. The war of words began when Ariza and Amir Khan parted ways.


There have been conflicting reports regarding the split. Khan claims that he needed a change because he wasn't happy with a few things from his last training camp. Ariza claims Team Khan owes him money from the training camp that prepared Amir for last December's fight against Marcos Maidana. Khan claims that he never had a contract with Ariza, but the strength coach has alleged that members of Team Khan broke into his hotel room and stole the original contract.


Initially, Ariza blamed Amir's father, Shah Khan, and manager Asif Vali, for being the ringleaders behind the contract theft. Ariza has received new information and told BoxingScene that it was Amir himself who orchestrated the contract theft.


"They stole a contract out of my hotel room at Planet Hollywood. I just found out that it was Amir who orchestrated the theft. That's pretty surprising to me but it is what it is. One door closes and another opens," Ariza said.

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