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Miguel Cotto: “Mayorga used to sell himself pretty good.....


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Miguel Cotto: “Mayorga used to sell himself pretty good before the fight, and then after the fight he talks less when he doesn’t win the fight and I know it’s going to be the same”


by Geoffrey Ciani - This week’s 111th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with junior middleweight champion of the world Miguel Cotto (35-2, 28 KOs) who is scheduled to defend his title against former two division champion Ricardo Mayorga (29-7-2, 23 KOs) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was afforded the opportunity to have a brief chat with the champion about his upcoming fight on the show. Here is a complete transcript of that portion of the program:


GEOFFREY CIANI: Okay boxing fans! We have something very special for you as we are now joined by the reigning WBA junior middleweight champion of the world, Miguel Cotto. How’s everything going today, Miguel?


MIGUEL COTTO: I’m doing very good.


CIANI: Good. So how is everything going with your training and preparations for your March 12 fight with Ricardo Mayorga?


COTTO: Everything is going amazing, you know. We’re still figuring the training sessions and I know this is going to be a really great card.


CIANI: Now Ricardo Mayorga is going to be the biggest opponent you’ll have ever faced. How do you feel about fighting somebody with his size and strength?


COTTO: Well we’re working on a plan for that in the training sessions and with the plan we have forb the fight we’re going to get the victory.


CIANI: Now this will be the second fight where you’re working with Emanuel Steward. What was it like the first time around when you prepared with him for your fight against Yuri Foreman?


COTTO: Well it’s amazing you know because he made me work as I used to work when I was a champion in the junior welterweight division and I like doing it this way.


CIANI: Going into your fight with Yuri Foreman, a lot of fans thought you were rushing into that too quickly after your fight with Pacquiao. Why did you want to take such a big fight after that loss to Pacquiao?


COTTO: Just because I know and we know and the public knows what Miguel is capable to do. We’re still on our plan, you know.


CIANI: When you look at Ricardo Mayorga, what do you think your biggest advantage will be against him?


COTTO: It’s in the skills. He’s a guy who is just going one speed. He’s just throwing and throwing. We know how to box, we know how to move, and we know how to put pressure on. We’re going to do that and keep the pressure up in the fight.


CIANI: Now Mayorga said he believes he is going to knock you out. What do you have to say in response to that claim?


COTTO: He said that before. Mayorga used to sell himself pretty good before the fight, and then after the fight he talks less when he doesn’t win the fight and I know it’s going to be the same.


CIANI: Now Miguel, you beat Sugar Shane Mosley and you lost to Antonio Margarito, but Shane beat Margarito. What do you take from Shane’s fight against Mayorga?


COTTO: Every opponent is different, you know? I’m just preparing for Ricardo Mayorga and I know I’m going to get the victory this time.


CIANI: Now you were originally supposed to have a fight back in December against Julio Cesar Chavez Junior. Are you at all disappointed that you didn’t get the chance to get back into the ring and that you only fought once last year?


COTTO: It’s up to the company, you know? I’m just a boxer and I just go to fight whoever the company puts me in front if. If it didn’t happen, it wasn’t my fault.


CIANI: Your last fight, it was back in June. You’ve had a long period of inactivity. Do you think that will provide you with any ring rust or do you think you will enter the ring sharp?


COTTO: Everything goes right at this moment. With that fight with Mayorga, we trained for the fight and have had hard work we have for the fight and that is going to make us winners.


CIANI: What was it like being the first fighter to have a match at the new Yankees stadium?


COTTO: It was a pleasure for me to fight in Yankees Stadium. It’s a new building, but it’s a legendary team who is playing there, the Yankees from New York. It was more than a pleasure for me fighting there.


CIANI: Now what’s your official prediction for your March 12 fight against Ricardo Mayorga?


COTTO: No matter by what way, the fight is going to be to our advantage. We’re going to be the winners.


CIANI: Thanks Miguel. Is there anything else you’d like to say to all your fans out there?


COTTO: Just for the fans, I know they are expecting a good fight. Like always Miguel has gone to make it for them and it’s going to be the same for this thing. It’s a good show and I’ll make a good fight for all my fans around the world.


CIANI: Thank you very much for your time, Miguel. It’s been a pleasure speaking to you. Good luck on your upcoming fight.


COTTO: Alright. Thank you.



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