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Forums top 5 British/European light heavyweights


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British only:


1. Nathan Cleverly

2. Danny McIntosh

3. Tony Bellew

4. Ovill McKenzie

5. Tony Jeffries


European only:


1. Juergen Braehmer

2. Zsolt Erdei

3. Beibut Shumenov

4. Adrian Diaconu

5. Gabriel Campillo


British/European mixed:


1. Juergen Braehmer

2. Zsolt Erdei

3. Nathan Cleverly

4. Beibut Shumenov

5. Adrian Diaconu




- Gabriel Campillo, Ismayl Syllakh and Dmitry Sukhotsky (in that order) are my next top 3 European light heavyweights.


- I didn't include Luis Garcia because despite him fighting in Ireland, he is Cuban. He was born and raised in Cuba and then moved to Ireland. So, i won't include him in my list of top 5 British/European fighters.

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1.Zsolt Erdei

2.Nathan Cleverly

3.Ismayl Sillakh

4.Karo Murat

5.Beibut Shumenov


(I didn't put Juergen Braehmer on there because he hasn't fought in a year now. If he was active, I would put him 3rd.)



1.Nathan Cleverly

2.Tony Bellew

3.Danny McIntosh

4.Rocky Fielding

5.Travis Dickinson

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