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Upcoming boxing schedule


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Here are the upcoming TV schedules on Boxrec


I will update this thread every so often. The links i've posted are always up to date on their website.


HBO: http://boxrec.com/schedule.php?country&division&title&tv=HBO&SUBMIT=Go


HBO PPV: http://boxrec.com/schedule.php?country=&division=&title=&tv=HBOPPV&SUBMIT=Go


Showtime: http://boxrec.com/schedule.php?country&division&title&tv=SHOWTIME&SUBMIT=Go


ESPN 2: http://boxrec.com/schedule.php?country&division&title&tv=ESPN2&SUBMIT=Go


FOX: http://boxrec.com/schedule.php?country=&division=&title=&tv=FOX&SUBMIT=Go


TeleFutura: http://boxrec.com/schedule.php?country&division&title&tv=TF&SUBMIT=Go


TYC Sports: http://boxrec.com/schedule.php?country=&division=&title=&tv=TYC&SUBMIT=Go


Integrated Sports Media: http://boxrec.com/schedule.php?country=&division=&title=&tv=USINTSM&SUBMIT=Go


Sky Sports: http://boxrec.com/schedule.php?country&division&title&tv=SKY&SUBMIT=Go


Primetime: http://boxrec.com/schedule.php?country=&division=&title=&tv=UKPRIME&SUBMIT=Go



Also, here are the schedules on Boxing Scene, Boxing News Online and ESPN:









Upcoming Cards:




June 18:

Alvarez vs Rhodes

Broner vs Litzau


June 25:

Cloud vs Mack

Alexander vs Matthysse

Jones vs Coyne


July 2:

Wladimir vs Haye


July 9:

Williams vs Lara


July 23:

Khan vs Judah

Cayo vs Peterson


August 27:

Guerrero vs TBA




July 9:

Rios vs Antillon

Cintron vs Molina


August 13:

Agbeko vs Mares




June 24:

Herrera vs Dallas Jr


July 1:

Hernandez vs Melligen


July 8:

Gonzales vs Buchanan


July 15:

Wolak vs Rodriguez




June 18:

Vazquez vs Aguilar

Segura vs TBA


June 25:

Jones vs Munoz


July 30:

Alvarado vs Martinez




June 24:

Kirkland vs TBA


TYC Sports:


July 2:

Barros vs Caballero


Integrated Sports Media:


July 23:

Fury vs Chisora


Sky Sports:


June 18:

Murray vs Blackwell

Crolla vs Akaba

Murray vs Gachechiladze


June 25:

Brook vs N'dou


July 9:

Murray vs Mitchell


July 16:

Burns vs Cook

Bellew vs McKenzie

Gavin vs Woodhouse


September 3:

McDonnell vs Hall


Sky Box Office:


July 2:

Wladimir vs Haye




July 23:

Khan vs Judah

Cayo vs Peterson

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