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Tyson Fury Calls Out Audley Harrison:


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Tyson Fury Calls Out Audley Harrison: “We’d See If He’s Made Of Anything, We’d Also See Whether Or Not I’m A Phoney!”


By James Slater - 22-year-old Tyson Fury, the most heavily hyped heavyweight prospect in the U.K, wants to make a statement that proves he is worthy of his hype. And who does the 13-0, 6’9” hope want to make a statement by facing and defeating? Why, that well known former Olympian known as “A-Force,” that’s who!


It may seem an odd choice from Fury to call out the man who has been labelled everything from a joke to a fraud, but Fury believes his taking on as experienced a foe as Audley Harrison, after having just 13 pro outings, will be a big deal. Also, Fury wants to see for himself whether or not the big, 39-year-old southpaw “is made of anything..”


Many fans have been wondering this themselves. Back when they had any interest at all in the man who flopped in dramatic style against WBA heavyweight champ David Haye, some fans even felt Harrison could be a force at the elite level. Now, with his career in tatters - even though Audley insists he will fight on - this call out by Fury might be one Harrison responds to.


“It makes sense, it’s a good fight,” Fury said to U.K tabloid The Sun when speaking on the possibility of a fight between he and Harrison. “He’s just fought in a world title fight and is an Olympic gold medallist, while I’m a brash youngster with a big mouth who has been accused of not being able to back it up. So we’d see if he’s made of anything and we’d also see whether or not I’m a phoney.


“I’d fight Harrison, I’d love to. But it just shows you how much of a farce the Haye-Harrison fight was if people are thinking of me, with just 13 fights under my belt, taking on Harrison.”


So will it happen? Will Harrison bite and agree to a fight that would allow him to silence a fighter who is already a household name in Britain despite his inexperience? Will anyone care if the fight does take place?


Crazily enough, a Fury-Harrison clash would almost certainly grab some attention in the U.K. Still a figure who fans love to hate, Harrison taking on a live foe would ensure a healthy T.V audience over here. But as to Fury “proving” anything if he beats Harrison: would even a quick stoppage win by Tyson mean all that much?


The Harrison credibility boat sailed a long time ago, and now, with a young up-and-comer daring him to “step up” and fight him, Audley’s ego will surely take a pounding.


In the meantime, Fury still awaits confirmation of who his Feb. 19th opponent will be when he fights at Wembley. The Frans Botha fight was ruled out by the BBB of C, and now the Emanuel Steward-trained prospect is in the dark as to who he will meet a week on Saturday.


“Who am I fighting next? You tell me,” Fury said. “I’ve had about ten opponents who have all pulled out.”


Despite this, Fury says he is definitely fighting on the Wembley bill. Could it be Audley Harrison after that?


Article posted on 10.02.2011

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