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Need boxing scoring help ASAP

Joe Ko

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It depends on where the fight is being held. Generally it is 4 completed rounds. Some odd cases have arisen though such as prior to this year they would have been TKOs in the UK. The most recent example was Shinny Bayaar's most recent fight.

One very famous example of an American fight being ruled a technical decision in the 3 round was Williams v Cintron, in a state where the fighters only needed to have started the 4th round.

Of course for world title fights the general rule of 4 completed rounds apply however saying that, Mayol v Romero l was a TD3, though that was a result I think so that the WBC could. collect the sanctioning fee (dont think they can for no contests).

Joe technical decisions are written TD then the round it ended in, like wise a No Contest is NC then the round number.

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