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...how many titles do the WBA actually have?


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We know they have a "regular" title, that one makes sense

They have an interim title...fair enough in some circumstances

They have a Super title...I used to be able to understand this one but it's obviously not what I thought it was

They list Yuriorkis Gamboa, Vic Darchinyan and Giovanni Segura as "Unified" champions...


So do we have 4 WBA titles?

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sorry to drag up an old post Iam..


Just trying to explain it to a mate..


Can you list all the 'belts'?



1 HW

2 Cruiserweight (think 1 is interim)

1 Light heavyweight

2 Super mid (Super and "normal")

3 middleweight (Interim, Super, "Normal")

2 Light Middle (Super and Normal)

2 Welterweight (Normal and interim I think)

1 JWW ("Super")

2 Light Weight (super and normal)

2 Super Featherweight (interim and normal)

3 at Featherweight (this is the best one super, unified and normal)

1 super bantam

1 bantam

2 jr bantam (not sure what titles they are)

2 flyweight (interim and normal)

1 light Fly

1 mini weight


29 current WBA "world" champions (I've not bothered looking at inter-continental etc)

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