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Chris John???


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I have to admit that I do not know too much about Chris John.

I was privaleged enough to be able to download a rare fight between him and Marquez. Marquez has since gotten much better but even in the fight, which was a very technical one, Marquez should have won.

A little bit of home cooking yes.

Other then Rocky Juarez (who always came up short in championship fights), who else has he fought that's made him so "great"? I say that with a lot of speculation?





Who is Chris John (Where's Waldo type question? We know who he is but why?)?

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He appeared on HBO, which is usually the "break out move" that fighters from the Orient seldom are allowed to take, their promoters usualy don't like to have them venture beyond home because that's where they lose them to the bigger name outfits. But despite the Maquez win(which if you seen it, is not as impressive as it appears on paper) and fighting in the USA, he's still not getting the coverage one would expect for 14 times defenses (that's what Yourdan represents).
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