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Booth prepared to fight Munroe – if the money is right


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ooth prepared to fight Munroe – if the money is right



JASON Booth says he will fight local rival Rendall Munroe – as long as the money is right.


Booth is a double champion after beating Jamie Arthur on points on Saturday and will get a crack at the European title next.


Promoter Frank Maloney says Arthur deserves a re-match and Booth will gladly give him one.


But what about local rival Rendall Munroe, who was ringside?



"I'll fight Arthur again, definitely, if I have to," said Booth. "I outfought him. Next time I'll outbox him.


"It's not ideal fighting Rendall because we are old mates. But if the money is right I will take it.


"But I'm a double champion now and I'm not fighting for peanuts.


"I can't afford to because I've only got one sponsor, Energy Fuel. I don't even have a sponsored car, which would be a big help."


Booth, for once, wasn't too smooth after taking the fight at three week's notice.


"I came back off holiday at 9-12 and had to lose 16lbs in three weeks because I was told that I probably wouldn't be fighting again until the end of May," said Booth.


"It's a lot for a little lad and it took its toll


"But I was good in the ring and felt strong. Did you see that good right hand? It was the best punch of the fight.


"I'm not pitty-patting and dancing around like I used to. I wasn't in the mood after arriving at the venue late. The sat-nav wasn't working.


"But at least I had less time to worry – I worry too much sometimes.


"He was a hard lad, but I keep going, don't I?"


Booth says had he shown that kind of heart and courage in his previous fight with Steve Molitor he would probably be a world champion again now.


"I think I talked myself out of the Molitor fight before I got in the ring," he said.


"I went on the internet too much, read too much about him and started to doubt myself.


"That's why I didn't even bother to watch any tapes of Jamie Arthur. I just got stuck in.


"But I forgot all about the new four-round cuts rule. It's a good job I didn't go all out on attack or I would probably have lost on points if it had been stopped.


"My cuts man encouraged me. He said he knew the kid well and that he would fade in the later rounds."


Booth changed his tactics for the fight and, for once, was outworked by an opponent – 387 punches to 576. But that didn't concern him.


"He might have thrown more punches than me but it doesn't matter if they are not landing," said Booth.


"I learnt from the Molitor fight, where I started off too quickly and then faded a bit. I thought I would take this nice and slowly and take my time.


"There was no point in jabbing, because he was so tall. The punches weren't landing because my timing was off – I think I must need glasses!


"So I was trying to land big shots to hurt him and make him back off, because he was trying to bully me. He definitely believed he could beat me.


"I had planned to attack his ribs and break him, like I did Michael Hunter, but he was a tough kid."



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Got so much respect for Jason Booth - He's one of Britains little gems. The way he has turned his life around is remarkable. However, he has not looked the same in his recent fights.

He really struggled against Matthew Marsh who I expected him to beat comfortably. He did well against Molitor who was obviously a big step up in class but then we had last weekends sluggish performance against Jamie Arthur where he really had to dig deep to pull it out of the bag. I totally accept that he took the fight at short notice and this explains his lack of timing but I'm inclined to ask myself: Was it mainly down to lack of preparation or is a long hard career (not to mention the battles with addiction outside of the ring) starting to take it's toll? I believe Booth is 33 now which is pretty ancient for a little guy. The recent war with Jamie Arthur would've put more miles on the clock. With that being said, I'd still like to see him fight Munroe. He'd be giving away a lot in size and strength but even at the age of 33, his skillset is of a completetly different level to Munroe.

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