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Caballero installed as WBA mandatory...


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The WBA Championship Committee has voted to appoint Panamanian Celestino “Pelenchin” Caballero as the mandatory challenger for featherweight champion Yonathan Barros. Barros has 180 days to fight his mandatory, so he could make an optional defense in the meantime.


I don't know how a guy coming off a loss can possibly be installed as a mandatory....another nonsense decision from a sanctioning body imo.

On the other hand, it propels Caballero back into the big fight with either Gamboa or Lopez if he wins, which I'd like to see.


Thoughts on the decision?


Chances against Barros?


Who do you want to see him in with if he wins?

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You could argue his loss wasn't at the division where he's getting the mandatory...though I'm all for earning a shot personally rather than being given one.


It may be fair to say that his loss came at a different weight, but should he not at least have to land a win back at the weight he is going back to, before he can be made mandatory?

It was a shock loss to Litzau and he may have had a great run of results prior to that, but I don't think anyone should get mandatory status off the back of a loss.

It goes back to the whole John Ruiz thing where he kept getting mandatory shots despite doing nothing of note for years...

It's not fair on the other contenders and it's a bit of a kick in the teeth to the guys who are stringing results together...

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