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If Manny Pacquiao beats Mosley, then Andre Berto Next?


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There's a chance Manny Pacquiao might get upset by Sugar Shane Mosley. If Shane catches Pacquiao the same way he caught Floyd Mayweather, he might not be able to stand against a big punch like that. Berto is going to be on the sidelines waiting too. He knows his time is coming close. If Shane beats Pacquiao, all it does is setup another super fight with Berto which was suppose to happen last year anyway.


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/blog/35-demo-content/4149-if-manny-pacquiao-beats-mosley-then-andre-berto-next.html#ixzz1D2sH6sFr

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He should be fighting berto or Bradley now not mosely who's done nothing to earn the right to fight with manny.


Does beating Ruiz, and Harrison earn the right to fight a Klitch then?


I am just playing devils advocate here. I believe any honour went out of the game

long ago when the parasites got too powerful.

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