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if pacman vs floyd and haye v vitali or wlad doesnt get made


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The Showtime Super Bantamweight Tourney still has to finish up, and there's obviously the Super 6 as well.

I don't think we can expect the winner to fight again this year. It's looking highly unlikely, so the Bute fight will be next year.


We have Khan vs Bradley to unify 3 of the 4 LWW titles (should have been all 4, but hey, they're gifting one to Judah now...)


Vitali could very easily lose to Solis imo, and then Wlad is facing Adamek.

Leaving Haye aside, that is about the 4 most exciting fighters you can get at Heavyweight, stepping into the ring....


Martinez vs Floyd or Manny?


Martinez vs Bute even?


The Sturm, Zbik, N'Dam N'Jikam, Lemieux (Super Champion, Regular Champion, Interim Champion, #1 Contender) WBA Middleweight title will have to be thrown into a "Highlander" type tournament.


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Hasnt Kessler been contracted to fight the winner of the super six?


not sure on his exact contract obviously, but from what ive read through the media i think kessler just gets a return fight on showtime... which is likely to be against the super six winner. i dont think that theres anything preventing bute from fighting the super six winner first though.

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