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Fernando Vargas Makes Comeback April 16 vs. Henry Buchanan


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Fernando Vargas Makes Comeback April 16 vs. Henry Buchanan

By Blake Dreisbach (Contributor) on January 30, 2011


After being awarded the 50th star on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame, Fernando "Feroz" Vargas announced on ESPN that he is fighting April 16 against Henry Buchanan.


The fight will take place in Las Vegas in the super-middleweight division. Vargas, who is now 33, hasn't fought since losing a majority decision to Ricardo Mayorga in November of 2007. That defeat also followed two knockout losses at the hands of Shane Mosley.


Vargas' accomplishments in boxing are well-known. They include winning a bronze medal in the 1995 Pan American Games and being the youngest Jr. Middleweight to ever be crowned champion at 21 years old.


He went on to defend that title successfully against notable fighters Winky Wright and Ike Quartey before being knockout by Felix Trinidad in 2000 and then later by Oscar De La Hoya in 2002.


Most of his career was fought at or around 154 pounds. One of the most obvious questions for the comeback is, "Where is he at with his weight?"


Reports have shown that he may be walking around at 200 pounds. He will have to drop over 30 pounds to make the super-middleweight limit of 168 if this is the case. It will be surprising if he can make the limit and not be visibly effected by it come fight night.


His opponent, Henry Buchanan, is 20-2 with 13 knockouts. His losses came against Jean Paul Mendy and super-middleweight standout Andre Ward. Ward won a clear unanimous decision in their 2009 bout.


One notable chance comes in the camp of Vargas. His past trainer, Eduardo Garcia, will be replaced for this fight by Floyd Mayweather Sr., who has been working Vargas since 2009.


With a new trainer and outlook, Vargas should have a fair shot at being at his best he can possibly be on April 19.

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