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Knockout of the Month Jan. 2011


Knockout of the Month Jan. 2011  

  1. 1. Knockout of the Month Jan. 2011

    • Kertson Manswell vs. Bermane Stiverne
    • Chris Arreola vs. Joey Abell
    • Shawn Estrada vs. Jon Schmidt
    • Kendall Holt vs. Lenin Arroyo
    • Julio Diaz W vs. Pavel Miranda
    • Josesito Lopez vs. Mike Dallas Jr.

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Starting a poll at the end of each month for Knock out of the Month.

Need each and everyone one of you to to submit your picks.

2011 should be a great year compared to 2010, so all you die hard fans please let us know who you think should get the disticntion fo KO of the month.

At the end of the year we will revisit the picks and poll up Knockout of the year.

Each month the Knockout of the Month will be posted on Ringnews24.


Iamasadlittleboy's selection is-

Bermane Stiverne vs Kertson Manswell - Round 2



Here are a few more:


Shawn Estrada vs Jon Schmidt - Round 1



Kendall Holt vs Lenin Arroyo- Round 1 KO



Cris Arreola vs Joey Abell - Round 1 TKO



Jesusito Lopez vs Mike Dallas Jr. - Round 7 TKO


Post vid if you have it.


Julio Diaz vs Pavel Miranda - Round 8 TKO


Post vid if you have it.



We have until mid Feb. to get the picks in guys, don't waste too much time.

If you know of some more please add them. Small Hall fights, etc., provide a vid if you can.

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