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Haye v Moremeck II?


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Adam Booth (left), the English coach David Hague, said Saturday evening in Levallois-Perret, at a press conference hosted by Thierry Chambefort Rouen (right) that his colt is ready to give contrast Jean-Marc Mormeck. TR


Arrived as unobtrusively as possible in the room Marcel Cerdan-to attend the match Christopher Sébire, coached by his friend Thierry Chambefort Rouen friend, Adam Booth was quickly spotted at the foot of the ring, by journalists Saturday night in Levallois-Perret .


Asked by a reporter of Live 8 - the TNT channel that was broadcasting live from the gala 22 h 30 - during the European Championship vs. McIntosh. Karl, coach of world champion British heavyweight David Haye, suggested a rematch between his protege and Jean-Marc Mormeck is possible this year. Remarks confirmed a little later in the evening at a Paris press conference improvised at the bottom of a hallway and led by Thierry Chambefort. In the end, Adam Booth is left in London with the mobile number of staff Jean-Marc Mormeck who was able to follow in part the interview given by the English engineer, via the mobile Jean-Philippe Lustyk ...


- What motivates you to consider today a new fight against Mormeck?


Adam Booth: "Vitali (Klitschko) is an old boxer and he is a strong probability that he loses his next fight against Solis of Cuba provided that the latter is well prepared physically. As for his brother Vladimir, he does not want this fight against David ".*


- What options do you have left in 2011?


Adam Booth: "Logically, David was faced Chagaiev but the news about his health are not very good. He reportedly suffers from hepatitis B, which makes their confrontation impossible. I then looked at the classification of the WBA and I found nothing terrible in the Top 10. But I saw that Jean-Marc Mormeck is now ranked in the Top 10, 7 or 8 I think what makes a fight Mormeck-Haye possible. "


- What conditions do you ask to sign a contract?


Adam Booth: "I ask only one question: is it that France, the French public wants to see this fight? Give me one good reason not to do battle. I did not do tonight (note: Saturday) the Eurostar journey between London and Paris to launch a false invitation.


- This, however, this time in the heavyweight category could take place where you think?


Adam Booth: "In England there is no problem. We sell 20,000 "tickets" in two to three weeks for each bout of David. And France is not a small country is a country that has many champions. Haye-Mormeck in England is possible. But if France wants to see this fight in Paris, David is quite ready to return. It will demonstrate that his first success against Jean-Marc is not a coincidence and is now a true heavyweight, harder, more compact.


Thierry Rabiller





>_> And yes...Haye's opponents should be in the history section ;-)

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I will demonstrate i asm a true heavyweight..by beating a guy I already beat at cruiserweight. It's an interesting logic. If he's half-expecting Solis to beat Vitali, you'd think he might be mooting a Solis match. Still, it's a French interviewer, so y'know.


also, tinyurl.com will save you having 4-line links.

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