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Frank Maloney


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Ask Frank Maloney any question you like.


World renowned boxing promoter come UKIP politician Frank Maloney is offering fans of the pugilistic art-from the opportunity to ask him any question of their choosing.


And, in-time with his busy lifestyle he would like to get back and interact with you. To see how he can make his boxing shows as fan friendly as possible.


Any questions as to who you would like to see some of his stable match up against are also welcome, Frank wants to improve boxing and he knows the opinion of the fans is crucial to doing that.


If you leave a comment in the subsequent box below Maloney will do his best to answer all of your questions and hopefully incorporate your views as he moves forward with his boxing promotions company, FTM Sports.


If successful we would like to make this a running feature on our website.


leave your question to Frank on the below link


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