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Manny makes fun of Mayweather


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Pfft, the comments show the mentality of whoever created the video.

It's a lot of B*lls**t, and the end part has less credibility than this;



I agree, I only posted the video because of the hillarity of it.


I've seen that video before, too. Pathetic. Judah had his moments in the first 4 rounds, but that's about it.

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Zab Judah scored a knockdown in round 2 which has never been counted as such on Mayweather Jr's record (or on Judah's record).


Judah should be known as the only boxer to have floored Mayweather Jr and Mayweather Jr should be known as someone who has hit the canvas.


This following video paints a clearer picture. Watch the replays in between the 2nd and 3rd rounds, especially the view from above the ring. It is clear Floyd goes in for a body shot, his body in full control of its motion, Zab lands with a punch on Floyd's face, and you can clearly see at that point Floyd's body loses its control and he buckles backwards. Their feet do not get tangled and Floyd's feet do not show any signs of being ready to slip. It was Judah's punch that made Floyd hit the floor. It is therefore a knockdown.


Would it have changed the outcome of the fight? Not at all. Floyd won the latter rounds quite comfortably IMO.


But, who was the first man to floor Muhammad Ali? Sonny Banks.


Is he famous for anything else? Not that i know of. So had his knockdown of Ali not been counted, he'd have just been a nobody on Ali's record. As it stands though, he isn't a "nobody". Sonny Banks is "The first man to knock down Muhammad Ali".


That's quite an accomplishment in itself.


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Is he famous for anything else? Not that i know of.


Unfortunately, he's famous for dying from injuries sustained in the ring a couple of years after he fiought Ali.


He did, sadly. But, the statistic that Banks is the first man to knock down Ali is one that can be found in all sorts of places online and in boxing trivia questions. It's one of the famous bits of trivia that exists in Ali and Banks' career.


Most people will know Banks for the knock down but perhaps not the way he died.


I guess due to WHO he knocked down, Banks' career and success comes on the back of Ali (the most famous boxer of all time, arguably) so whatever else happened to Banks unfortunately gets drowned out.


That was my point with Judah. He should not just be remembered for being a World champion, but also for being the only man to floor Mayweather Jr.

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