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Floyd Mayweather says he has one more to conquer


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I didn't take it as being a person but more being a "country", like he's going to fight in a country he has never fought in before. For example, he'll conquer Germany by fighting there. If you see what i mean. That's how i interpreted his drivel. LOL.


I bet its Dubai as they offered him a lot of cash to fight there not long ago and Dubai wanted Khan.

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When he said country to conquer, I took it as him meaning a fighter's nationality. He's never even fought outside the US and he said "one more country".


Good point.


Unless he simply means he only ever intended to conquer two countries from the start. LOL.


Somebody else on another forum suggested that it could be Martinez? His March fight is no formality, though.

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Manny moves to Showtime and Floyd releases a video about fighting.


Think Floyd has to get past his court appearance on Monday 1st.


I thought only the fight was being shown on Showtime, not Manny moving to the company?


It could signal Top Rank moving over. Arum was pretty furious HBO wouldn't take the fight.

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