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Camacho Jnr heads to Welterweight


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By G. Leon


GL: You're fighting Juan Astorga in the co-feature of Zeferino Entertainment's February 11th card at UTEP. Tell us all about it.


Hector Camacho, Jr: "For me it's a comeback based on me being knocked out in my last fight [by middleweight David Lemieux]. I've been in the gym ever since then. I've been training harder than ever, I'm running, I'm in the gym and I'm keeping my mouth quiet. Fom now on I'm going to let my fighting do the talking."


GL: What do you know about Astorga?


Hector Camacho Jr: "I don't know much about him, but you know every time people hear the name Camacho, they want to make me their stepping stone, but I'm no elevator for nobody. I'm no come-up."


GL: What weight will this fight take place at?


HC: "It will be 152-154. I'm going to keep bringing it down and hopefully get down to 147 soon."


GL: Is that where you think you belong if you were in the best shape you could possibly be in?


HC: "I'm not sure, but we're going to find out. I'm working hard to make it happen, but if I feel like I'm hurting myself I won't do it to myself. Right now my whole living has changed. I've converted to Islam and I'm living a cleaner life."


GL: What lead to that coversion?


HC: "Just Spiritual health and looking for God. I've been on that path for the last few years. Everybody around me is Muslim. And watching them and seeing how they carrying themself, I needed that Spiritual health for myself."


GL: When did this happen?


HC: "About nine months ago."


GL: It's been a minute since you've scored a stoppage, do you expect this fight to go the distance?


HC: "You know what? If it does, I'm in shape for it. I'm dealing with this cold New York City and I'm getting up and working and running every day. If I catch him on the chin he's going down, if I catch him with the right body shot it's going to be over. I'm working much harder and I'm looking at what happened in my last fight as a wake up call. I've gone back to the basics."


GL: Closing thoughts?


HC: "I think the only way people are going to take me seriously is if I make 147 and it's going to start on February 11th, so stay tuned Boxingtalk."




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