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Preview: Felix Sturm vs Ronald Hearns


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In what will effectively be Felix Sturm's 10th WBA Middleweight title defence, which came either side of an avenged shock loss to Javier Castillejo, we have perhaps a surprise contender squaring up opposite him, given the activity at the top of the WBA's Middleweight rankings.




Step forward Ronald Hearns.




Not anywhere near the same league as his esteemed father (but then again who is?), yet he still possesses the same attributes that Thomas Hearns used to full effect more than 20 years ago.


Standing at 6'3" and with a 73" reach, he is big by anyone's standards for a middleweight.


He is a relatively fast fighter, and probably as expected for the level of opponent he has been facing, he has a great KO ratio.


Few people give him much chance of pulling off the upset, but he has become used to being considered the underdog. He has had a huge shadow to live under, carrying the Hearns name, and despite gaining exposure he could never have dreamed of off the back of it, the level of expectation heaped upon him has probably been more of a burden and a curse than a gift.



Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/blog/35-demo-content/2681-preview-felix-sturm-vs-ronald-hearns.html#ixzz1BLBr6XtS

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