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Sauerlands on Klitschko vs Solis and Wlad vs Haye


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By Ina Lagoon, allboxing.ru


Wilfried and Kalle, the leaders of Berlin's powerful promotional group, Sauerland Event, spoke with Sportal about a few different topics concerning boxing. A few excerpts of their thoughts regarding heavyweight champions Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko can be found below.


How do you feel about Klitschko and the situation in the heavyweight division?


Kalle: Klitschko's fights are a show - a great advertisement for boxing, but their rivals have recently been too weak from a sporting point of view, but their fights were outstanding events.


Wilfried: I think it's not Klitschko, but the selection of their opponents. I did not see Klitschko's last fight, but when you find out the names of their opponents, everything already becomes clear. Sorry, but I do not believe in miracles.


Kalle: There are contenders the Klitschkos could fight where they could prove that they are great boxers. First, there is David Haye, then Olympic champion Alexander Povetkin and Odlanier Solis, and there is Nikolai Valuev - the only one who exceeds the brothers physically.


Wilfried: Tomasz Adamek is not bad, but in terms of their physics the difference between him and Klitschko is too much. One thing is clear: when Klitschko stops boxing, the heavyweight division will return to normal and we will get a chance to have some good fights. As for Solis, it is important as to how seriously he is preparing for battle and whether his weight is fine. He has great potential and if Solis will be more or less prepared, we can say that he is the best opponent that Vitali has fought in the last few years.


Кalle: Firstly, the fight Chisora-Klitschko from a sporting point of view is a great mismatch. As for Haye, he agreed to all of the essential requirements with Klitschko. It is strange that the fight still fell apart.


Wilfried: The time from April 30 until July 2, that is 8-9 weeks, and not enough time for 2 fights. You can look at the track record of Wladimir - he never fought with such a short break between fights. You can not plan for 2 big televised shows in such a short period of time because the risk of injury exists. Haye has done everything for the fight to take place. He was ready to box in Germany, agreed to all of their demands and in the end when the date of July 2 had already been approved by Klitschko - then came the news that he will first have a fight with Chisora on April 30. This is outrageous. Think what you want, but Wladimir does not want to fight with Haye.



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