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Derek Chisora Press Conference


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Nice interview.

I like the fact Derek has full belief in himself.

It's difficult to look beyond Klitschko knocking him out, but I'm still looking forward to this fight either way.

I think he'll make it a little more difficult than many of Wlad's recent opponents have.

Other than the fact Del is fairly static and has slow reactions, he does pack power in both hands and is more than prepared to go all out when he has to.

I'm not sure what sort of success he'll have getting beyond Wlad's jab, but I wish him all the best anyway.

At least one British heavyweight is prepared to get in the ring with him.


Warren's quotes completely backup my thoughts on Adam Booth as a promoter and manager.

He's been more of a hindrance to Haye's career than anyone else on the planet.

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