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Our man's latest diary entry (By George: Part Nine)


THE BIG SHOW: Groves could fight at the huge Staples Center

THIS has been a quiet week for me. I am now pretty much up to full steam with my training. I have broken the back of returning to full training. Obviously the usually aches and pains are here but now I have more timing, quicker reflexes, and some real weight behind my punches. It finally feels good to be back in the gym! I am getting on with quite a few new methods – nothing too dramatic because you should never change too much too soon. Plus why change what’s working for you, contrary to what some people may think of my progress to date. I can’t let on any details about the little changes as they will be important, and clearly evident when the time comes.


The date for my next fight is March 5 in Los Angeles. I’ll leave it to the good people of Boxing News to distinguish whose undercard that’s for [saul Alvarez-Matthew Hatton? – Ed]. Which to my calculations gives me a little under eight weeks to be firing on all cylinders. I must say I am thrilled to be pencilled in for a trip to LA. I have never been and ALWAYS wanted to go there! I could possibly box at the Staples Centre home of the LA Lakers. Get there and pretend I know something about American sports, buy a foam finger to point at old ladies, order nuts or a chilli dog from the vendor and hope he throws it at me from ten rows away. None of this probably happens in real life and as my five or six dollars worth of quarters bounce off the young man’s head as he hands me my food. I’ll be escorted out by security guards. Either way that’s the only way I’m paying! The other thing I will be checking out while I am there will be some LA ink. Those guys know what they’re doing when it comes to tattoos. I would never get one over there, because I am loyal to the man who has spent over 20 hours torturing my arm and stomach. Mr Marcio Bornholdt, the Brazilian-born, London-based tattooist who I really need to see so he can finish my sleeve. Apart from the fact the healing time takes so long it interferes with training. The thought of hearing the needle buzz away as he’s there drawing minute pink flowers on my lucky cat’s scarf (in touch with my feminine side) can make me feel a little woozy! Especially when the end is not in sight. Luckily for me I only have about another five-10 hours to go!


Finally I have been made aware that my challenge for the British title will be put out for purse bids this week [actually today – Ed]. My team are happy about this and we will be putting in a large bid. Hayemaker have the capabilities to put on large shows, with expensive main events or even expensive undercard fights. Nothing more needs to be said on this.


Finally finally... I am Zuma king on Facebook. I finished in first place last week with a score of over 550,000. If you’re brave enough to challenge me for the number one spot please do try, but please do have a box of tissues nearby as my dominance will only leave you bitterly annoyed, clinically depressed and utterly mesmerised! I await your call...



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