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Discussing Sergio Martinez vs. Sergei Dzinziruk


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Martinez-Dzinziruk: To be clear, Sergei Dzinziruk is deserving of a fight with THE RING middleweight champion Sergio Martinez on March 12 in Atlantic City, N.J. The Germany-based Ukrainian is a fine boxer with an excellent resume (37-0, 23 KOs). The problem is that he isn’t the type to engage his opponent; he jabs and moves in way that can make anyone look bad. Including Martinez. The Argentine probably will win but we shouldn’t expect another in a series of thrillers he has given us over the past few years. That makes me wonder why HBO agreed to the matchup when Martinez could’ve fought capable Andy Lee in what would’ve been a fun fight to watch. We can only hope Martinez faces a more-compelling opponent after Dzinziruk.


excerpt from "Weekend Review: Klitschko-Haye disappointment" by Michael Rosenthal



so the writers dont want HBO to do "easy fights" yet they dont want martinez to fight dzinziruk. yes, it may be a bad clash of styles... but this is more or less an even matchup. i cant say that martinez-lee is anywhere near an even fight. plus we get the better lee-duddy fight on the undercard.


whats the problem?

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