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Future Shock—What Caused the Ruination of Floyd Mayweather


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Future Shock—What Caused the Ruination of Floyd Mayweather Jr?


by Bobby Mac


~The immediate ring future of Floyd Mayweather Jr looks tenuous at best as the time to face the growing chorus of accusations against him comes due this January 24th, 2 weeks from now.


With early winter being somewhat of an off season for boxing, not much is going on in the boxing world to interfere with the attention that these court maneuverings will garner. Be interesting to see how many boxing scribes based in the Los Angeles/Phoenix/Las Vegas triangle attend the hearing, or is it a trial?


Is it confusion or an incredible stroke of coincidence that his Uncle Roger’s trial for felony assault is also scheduled for January 24th? I guess we’ll know soon enough.




Floyd Jr’s latest problems began with an ill advised moment stemming from a “confrontation” with his children and their mother, resulting in him being slapped with some eight felony and misdemeanor offenses.


Since then he was additionally investigated for allegedly running a former employee off the road, the same employee who was a victim of a Mayweather’s security personnel shooting rampage. Floyd Jr was also charged with assaulting a security guard and not abiding by the rules of the gated community that he lives in. It’s quite possible the homeowner’s association could force him out of the community as happens daily across America.


It seems trouble has found Mayweather and piled on big time with no end in sight yet.


Read more here: http://ringnews24.com/index.php/component/content/article/35-demo-content/1062-mayweather-shock.html

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Mayweather is a brilliant boxer, at least the joint best of his generation, but just as good as he is a boxer, he's a thoroughly loathsome personality.


I've tried to like the guy over the years, but when he's beating his wife in front of his kids, trash talking about other boxers using racial epithets, and pretending to be a big-money gangster, he's almost impossible to be anything other than sickened by the man.


I wouldn't be surprised if he was convicted, as this time, apparently, the police have corroborating witness testimony from the mother and the kids, meaning that even if mother if bought off, he could still be sent down.


It'll be a tragedy if he never fights Pacquaio -- or, more likely, they fight when both are faded from their current stupendous peaks -- but it's looking increasingly as if it's not going to happen this year.

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