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Odlanier Solis is being really underated

Joe Ko

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He is fighting Vitali in march and everyone seems to think its another easy win for Vitali but I dont.


Ive been watching a few of his fights and he looks impressive.


People keep shouting the weight issue (including me) but his conditioning seems very good, he fits the big small man well, he isnt Haye and stays on his toes, he walks you down and I think 250-260 is good weight for him, not great but he does look very solid not just fat. Being that weight also gives him real strength and he is a big puncher anyway. Plus he is quicker than people give for credit for.


People have been comparing him to Arreola but I think there is a massive gulf in class, Solis is a very inteligent and I can see him giving Vitali alot more problems than anyone since his comeback.


What do you guys think of him?

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I think that after Klitschko beats him everyone will label him as fat and useless.


I think he is the best guy Vitali has faced since the comeback, we will see, we need a shake up in the division.


Notice how Wlad hasnt even mentioned him, he picked Chisora when he could of picked Solis but didnt cause Solis like Haye wanted more money not as much as Haye though.

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I think it'll be a good fight. Vitali is noticeably slowing down and Solis could make this a tough night, if he gets his conditioning sorted out.


At the weight he was last time against Austin (overweight), he only fought in spurts and that's not going to do the job against Vitali who will control the fight at his tempo - if not pushed.


I'm looking forward to the fight, as it should be a decent Heavyweight fight and we don't get many of those.

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So when Vitali dominates him you won't complain about how good he is?


He's Vitalis mandatory, Peter was Wladimirs last mandatory and Chagaev is Hayes next.. why would he call out someone else mandatory when Solis' best win is poor at best...


I know how good Vitali is but he is clearly past his best and credit to him beating the guys put in front of him.


Before the Austin fight Solis (WBC Eliminator) was the top contender who wanted to fight

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You look at the amateur Solis, in comparison to the professional Solis, and there is a huge visual difference.

He's piled the beef on, but the thing is, a lot of it IS muscle, it's just that he didn't need to put any weight on, as he was already in very very good shape, so the stark contrast is all too noticeable.

His fighting style has never changed though.

He still has the speed, he still has the power, and he still seems to come up with nice angles to surprise his opponents with punches they don't see coming.

Austin was a disgrace in his last fight, in what would have otherwise been pretty much a walkover.

He's getting Vitali at the right time, but Wlad (and Haye!) will be all too aware of the threat he carries, and Vitali is probably best placed to beat him out of all the guys.

Vitali seems indestructible at times, but he is clearly marking up and feeling the aftermatch of his recent fights, so "could" be there for the taking...

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