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Harry Simon


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Just stumbled across him when I was checking out Winky Wright's record.

Can't say I've seen him fight, but on paper he looks pretty good.

Interesting story in that he went undefeated 26-0, winning world titles in 2 weight classes (154lbs and 160lbs), but was involved in 2 car accidents, killing a total of 5 people, the second of which kept him out of the ring from 2002 until 2007 as a result of serious injury and a protracted court case.

He had earlier been convicted in 2005, of being responsible for the 2nd accident, and had been sentenced to 2 years in jail, and after a failed appeal and a single comeback fight in 2007, he then spent 2 years in jail.


He just came back last year with 2 KO victories, upon release, weighing in around the light heavyweight limit.


First of all, I want to make it clear that I don't condone what he did, I don't know all the facts, but by the time he was involved in 2 very similar driving incidents, it's pretty clear that the sentence was at the very least, well deserved.


It's interesting that he's made a return now though, given his undefeated record, which contains a few nice wins along the way, though at 39 and a couple of divisions past his peak, I wouldn't bank on him making too big a splash.


Does anyone know anything about his background, or able to offer anything more about his ability other than what is on paper, either now or back in the day?

Plenty of his fights are out there on video, so I'll have to go and check them out anyway...



Just found another article just prior to his latest win - a 1st round KO win over even more long in the tooth Rashid Matumla. Looks like he's wanting to work his way into contention anyway, one way or another...



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I cant remember whether it was Warren, Maloney, or Hearn that had him over in the UK quite a bit in the 90's, and the turn of the century, but a very good fighter. Reminded me a bit of Mike McCallum in that he wasted very few punches, and he could bang, didn't ship that many either.


I couldn't say how he'll fare at 39 with the lay off he's had, but he's got the ability in spades. Winky Wright always claims he won, so nothing to worry about there, Simon was the better man on the night, it was always Wright backing off in the exchanges.

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