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Legend Vs. Legend Heavyweight Tourney FINAL - Who Will Win?


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Legend Vs. Legend Heavyweight Tourney FINAL - Who Will Win - Jack Johnson vs. Joe Louis ?


Joe Louis beat Muhammad Ali in the Semi final, while in the other semi Jack Johnson beat Larry Holmes.


Now after months of voting and fighters being eliminated. There are only 2 left.


Who wins? Thats upto you!


A debate on the fight and the full 2 hour show, which many members from this forum take part in, is here http://www.billycboxing.com/DailyTalkin.mp3


Click here, register and place your vote to help Crown The Legend vs Legend Champion.



Also post Who you think will win in this topic? Johnson or Louis?

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Joe Louis to win.


He is rated as having the hardest punch of all time and was a skillster. On top of that, boxing had developed a little bit more by the time Louis was boxing from when Johnson was boxing. Louis fought from 1934-1951 and Johnson fought from 1897-1932. I know that is not the end all of all debates. For example, Audley Harrison has fought at a later date than Jack Johnson, so would he have won? NO. He'd have been KO'd in 30 seconds. But, when we compare two All time greats i think it is fair to comment on the eras they fought in. Johnson would've had rudimentary boxing skills to begin with. I am really just hazarding a guess at that but i think it's fair to say that boxing in 1897 would've been quite limited in skill level compared to now. The Queensbury rules had only been set up a few decades earlier.


So i think with Louis' power, the fact boxing had developed a lot since Johnson's era and thus Louis was lucky enough to have fought at a higher level and more developed era and the fact Louis was notoriously good, i'd go for Louis to beat Johnson. Probably by late stoppage.

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I see Johnson winning this. Louis hits incredibly hard, and his punches were beautifully short and thrown with textbook technique, but I wonder whether he would struggle to actually land on Johnson.


I'm frankly surprised that folks voted him as beating Ali, not necessarily because I think that Ali was a greater fighter -- although I think he was -- but because styles make fights, and Ali's fleet footwork would make it incredibly difficult for the more shuffling Louis to land.


In this fight, he's not necessarily going to have to go chasing Johnson, but Johnson had a superb defence, was a strong counterpucher and was as wily as they come. And Louis had plenty for problems with slicker or more defensive fighters over the years.


Frankly, I see Johnson walking Louis onto some heavy shots and knocking him down more than once -- perhaps being knocked down himself in the process -- before finishing the job somewhere between the 12th and the 15th.


Johnson TKO14

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